It was a very fun project, where we had to learn to speak Potbellish and be otherwise silly while creating a state-of the art web site. 

WRP Partners specialists have developed the following parts of Potbelly's web presence:

  1. State of the art nutritional calculator, that allows user to configure a product, just like they would in a store and be scared by the nutritional disaster it represents when calories for all the "fixins" (thats condiments in Potbellish) are added up.
  2. Potbellish Store Locator that uses Google Maps API for both: converting nonsensical user queries into meaningful points on the map, and for finding a closest store to a location.
  3. Master page system that integrates with flash and changes overall style when different verticals are used (employment, about us, etc...)

Link to nutritional calc:

State of the art nutritional calculator designed and implement by WRP 

There is another just as exciting administrative component that is used by company's chief nutritionist to update nutritional information and record new menu items. Some features of the admin's panel: 

  • Manage categories (Sandwiches, Wraps, etc...)
  • Manage individual food components that are used to build products.
  • Manage products - create new products, establish relationship of components (if you choose double cheddar then reg. cheddar is added and disabled)