Key Areas of Attention to help deliver compliance solutions in time:


Processes area of concern deal with  

  1. Understanding Compliance Requirement 
    We work with your legal and compliance team to understand the precise details that will ensure that compliance? requirement is met. Degree of double-checking, exception management, competence of associates, staffing models are all considered at this phase. Detailed compliance requirement document is prepared if one does not exist yet.
  2. Process Acceptance 
    We typically collaborate with a representative from legal that will accept proposed process. In some instances associates must be a registered notary, or have other qualifications to meet the requirement.
  3. Questions and Answers are developed
    We assist you in development of the checklist that associates will use to verify compliance. Conditional logic, prompts, answer choices are all identified at this stage. Adjustments to Process can also be made as experience of articulating questions might provide a new perspective on overall approach.
  4. Documentation is Developed
    It is important to develop documentation in parallel with processes. Very often attempt to document will uncover a flaw in the process, so it is beneficial to start develop documentation as soon as modules are ready. 



Typically we develop system using standard SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 platform. Systems typically include a combination of the following features implemented using standardized proprietary modules. 

  •  Role-specific queues so work can be distributed amongst associates in a given role.
  • Multiple reviews of the same case with escalation to management. 
  • Conditional Questions  that are asked based on previous answers.



Training materials are typically developed upfront at the same time as processes. Training materials are also typically submitted as part of the compliance plan together with process maps and other process documentation.

Keeping all of the stakeholders involved during this and other stages of compliance solution development will ensure acceptance of the proposed solution and successful implementation.

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