DM Daily Portal improves front office collaboration and sales.

Developed an intranet portal for a successful and growing Jewelry / Gift designer/manufacturer. Portal brings key company information to everyone's desktop. Over the years, additional modules were developed. Current site might look dated, but most front office employees swear by the usefulness and ease of use. Over the years, the portal became a platform where newer modules were developed.

Here is the list of the current modules:

Trade shows map. Easy to use administrative interface is used to add/edit shows.

  • Achieved Tickler - when are certain sales incentives are met and result in a sale, such event is displayed and celebrated on the ticklers module. People that can hit a certain number of them get escalating badges. 
  • Shout - a board where all front office employees can "shout". Employees with administrative privileges can delete anyone's shout. 
  • Out of office module - an out of office scheduling and reporting tool. Employees with minimal technical knowledge use it to record their out of office events. Events are replicated into Outlook calendar?.
  • Trade shows - a live map with trade-shows plotted on, lists specific employees that will be at the show. Integrates with out of office module, prompting users to select specific show if TradeShow is selected as a reason for out of office. 
  • Out of Warehouse - a very simplified out of office tracker used by warehouse employees with minimal computer skills accessible on shared terminals throughout warehouse.? Approval workflows ensure that time off is approved by superiors.
  • User Registration - Internal side of the public website registration process. DM has unique concerns about making sure that their customers and only their customers can have access to live product catalogue. In order to support that requirement a special registration process is in place to ensure that only qualified customers are given access to DM's E-commerce site. Process was designed and implemented by WRP Partners and works as follows: 
       1.  A prospect creates an account on public wholesale website.
       2. Prospect is put in a queue and is assigned to a sales-person.
       3. Salesperson verifies that prospect is a legitimate potential customer via a phone conversation.
       4. Salesperson enables prospect's account which will be active for 2 hours after 1st log-on to enable prospect to make a selection and place an order.
       5. When 1st order is placed, salesperson gets notified and contacts the prospect to collect payment information for the 1st order
       6. A permanent customer record is created in main company system and prospect is converted into a real customer.
    User Registration Module facilitates queuing of prospects in sales-people queues, conversion to customer, verification (or failure to verify), re-enabling account for another 2 hr, so initial order can be placed.
  • Dump Bin - DM lists about 5000 products in its active products catalogue. At all times, there are few hundreds of items that must be sold ASAP for a very low price. Dump bin module, allows dump bin administrators define what products with what special pricing are available. This dashboard updates in real-time as DumpBin items are sold.
  • Message of the day (the whiteboard) - to support a family atmosphere at the company.

Registration form on public web site.