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Not everybody can turn a software project into money. That is what WRP Partners has done again and again and can do for you. We are NOT another consulting company looking to make a quick (or slow and drawn out gold-plated-high-billable hours) buck. Our goal - my goal is to bring a meaningful positive change to your business. We often explore existing off-the-shelf commercial solutions, and advice our clients (for free) to try using something existing, because we do not want to re-invent the wheel at your expense.

We help companies improve their business by creating custom software that automates their business in ways only THEY can imagine. When your business solutions are made to fit your existing or new business model like a glove, amazing things can happen to your business:

- Employees can focus on high value work that brings new or enhance existing business.

- They are presented with right information at the right time w-out worrying about forgetting something.

- Standardized dashboards and live information sharing unifies front/back office crews and company can operate as a well-oiled machine, instead of a collection of silos and fiefdoms.

A quick phone call is the fastest way to see if and where I can help. What sets my company apart is a focus on contributing to your business and seeing results in your satisfaction and bottom line and not an endless creep of billable hours.

Call us now @ 773-800-9772 to pick our brains about your current challenges and we’ll be able to tell in no time over the phone whether there is a good fit for working together or not.

Here is what makes us different:

  1. We are not going to teach YOU about your business. You do get to benefit though from our interdisciplinary experience gained in years of building solutions for all kinds of businesses from Insurance and Financials, to Manufacturing and Retail.

  2. We will not take on projects that are very likely to fail. (Too complex to train, little added value, non-existing problem, other better value approaches available, etc….)

  3. We will never hold you responsible for giving us incomplete requirements. It is YOUR job to know your business and be domain expert in that. However, It is our job as Subject Matter Experts to elucidate and articulate requirements for a business system.

  4. We will not hold back negative feedback if we think your specific change suggestion is impractical.


Why you will want to use us to develop your next solution:

  • Because you have talked to our past client.
  • Because you want a partner that will take responsibility for success of the entire solution.
  • Because we decline to do projects that will fail.
  • Because you want someone to provide honest feedback (including occasional critical feedback about your initial plan of solution)
  • Because you seek to work with a group of seasoned application craftsmen.

What we do:

  • Web Application design, development. 
  • Business Process Design and Implementation.
  • Compliance Solutions Design and Implementation.

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